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Hi Everybody,

I’ve been working on a Glaze Glossary and Resource page.  The first part of this multipage post is now up.

The parent page – Glaze Glossary and Resource – is here http://wp.me/PxVXW-3w (or at the top of the blog).  And the first sub-post – Glaze Colorants – is here http://wp.me/PxVXW-3F.  There are already some pictures up in the colorant post, but you’ll see the places where I plan on putting in more pictures as I take them.  So, you might want to check back frequently for more photos.  This post constitutes a few months of book and internet based research as well as things I have learned on my own as I test glazes.  I hope you find it particularly useful.

Later I will add a sub-page about fluxes and glaze components as well as one about general terminology.  I guess the terminology one should have come first, but the colorant one was definitely more interesting to write!