Promethean Pottery

To see the most recent creations from Robert, please visit our online ETSY store.


5 thoughts on “Promethean Pottery”

  1. Hi, Emily. Is the Em’s tenmoku recipe for ^6? If so, would you consider sharing it?


    • Hi Julie, Sorry, I’m just seeing this. I formulate all our glazes for, and we fire to, a hot cone 10. Sorry!
      I get a lot of cone 6 questions, and sadly am lacking in this area. I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about how to alter a glaze from cone 10 to 6.
      Good Luck!,

      • Ann unbehaun said:

        Hi there, would you share your recipe for blue temoku, cone 10? Thanks, anny

  2. photo pottery

  3. I would love to buy your beautiful cannister set in Mossy Mahogany. I tried to go to your ETSY link but nothing was there. Also couldn’t find a way to contact you so I hope this works.


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