Glaze Glossary and Resource

I am in the process of writing a fairly extensive glossary which will be more like an encyclopedia (HA!) when I finish.  It’ll include all sorts of information and I am currently taking pictures of a lot of the test pots I’ve done to include with the coloring oxides, etc.  I plan on posting it in sections, so please check back often for new information about glazes!

This will be the parent page.  Filed under this post will be the following pages (eventually):

Glaze Colorants – Information about different coloring oxide with pictures as I take them.

Glaze Fluxes and Components – Information about the basic constituents of a high temperature, “raw” (non-fritted) glaze.

coming soon

Glaze Terminology and Chemistry – Definitions of commonly used glaze terms and disambiguation when I can manage it!

coming soon

NB: Some entries may be repeated in other parts of the Glaze Resource.

abbreviations you may see on these pages:

CoTE – coefficient of thermal expansion (

SG – specific gravity (

MSH – Mohs scale of hardness (


used in the entire Glaze Resource

  • my personal experience gathered through glaze testing
  • – Used as a starting point, to remember all the terms I should include and all but copy definitions that were so well written I could not have improved upon them.
  • – pictures and information on minerals and rocks
  • – Digitalfire is awesome.  We use their glaze calculation software which I highly recommend you purchase and use.  It will help you fix all kinds of problems and keep your glazes within alumina and silica limits.
  • Ceramics and Glaze Technology.  J.R. Taylor and A. C. Bull.  Pergamon Press, New York.  1986.  ISBN 0 08 033465 2
  • Electric Kiln Pottery: The Complete Guide. Emmanuel Cooper.  BT Batsford, London. 1991.  ISBN 0 7134 4037 6
  • Clay and Glazes for the Potter. Daniel Rhodes.  Chilton Book Company, Radnor, PA.  1973.  ISBN 0 8019 5633 1
  • The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing and Firing at Cone 10.  John Britt.  Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co, Inc, New York.  2004.  ISBN 1 57990 425 4
  • Simon and Schuster’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals. Annibale Mottana, Rodolfo Crespi, and Giuseppe Liborio.  Martin Prinz, George Harlow, and Joseph Peters Editors.  A Fireside Book, New York.  1977.  ISBN 0 671 24417 5
  • A Potter’s Book.  Bernard Leach.  Faber and Faber, London.  1976.  ISBN 0 571 10973
  • Glazes for the Craft Potter.  Harry Fraser.  Adam & Charles Black, London.  1973.  ISBN 0 7136 2481 7
  • The Potter’s Complete Book of Clay and Glazes. James Chappell.  Watson-Guptill Publications, New York.  1991.  ISBN 0 8230 4203 0

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3 thoughts on “Glaze Glossary and Resource”

  1. great site! I’m getting a new kiln and it’ll go to stoneware
    thanks for all this info. I love tenmoku. Thanks. P

  2. Hi Rob and Em,

    Like your pots. Glazes are really impressive. I am really struggling to get a couple of “banker” glazes together – are you guys going to publish some recipes anytime soon? I really like the finish on the glazes, and the persimmon is beautiful. I fire in reduction to cone 10.

    All the best,


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