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I was just looking back through my Glossary of Glaze Colorants and realized that I still have a lot of work to do on it.  A picture is supposed to go everywhere you see a little bracketed piece of blue text.  I have these test-pots ready to be photographed, but just haven’t had the time to set them all up and shoot them yet.  After the spring shows are over, I promise, I’ll fill in these gaps.

In the meantime, please enjoy random pottery picture number 4.  Maybe it’s 4?  I lost count.  We really enjoy making canisters and here’s a trio of them.  Robert, of course, threw them and turned them.  If you’d like to know more about throwing and turning, ask Robert.  I keep trying to get him to write an article and he keeps forgetting!  So, here I go chattering about the glaze…

After bisque firing, I glazed the group in my Mossy Mahogany Glaze (you know I like my glitzy names).  Many of you may have seen the first version of my Mossy Mahogany last year.  It was nice but not spectacular.  I spent a lot of time revamping it so it would shine even more.  What this picture does not show are the little gold crystals that dance around in the upper amber portions of the glaze.  It’s a real pain to apply – too thin and it’s just brown, too thick and it runs all the way down the pot during firing in olive drab puddles.  Sometimes, it runs onto the shelf (hence the angle grinder – which was surprisingly anticlimactic in actual use yesterday, phooey).  I am sure with time I’ll get more used to it, at which point, I will be bored with it and change it again or come up with another glaze and discontinue this one.  Enough talk.  Here it is:

Promethean Pottery - Mossy Mahogany Canisters

Promethean Pottery - Mossy Mahogany Canisters