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I’m usually up first in the morning – like now.  I like to spend quality time with the kitties (they’re actually already outside except for MooMoo, who’s at my feet) and some coffee before I get started on whatever random project is looming from the day before.  Today, sanding, signing waxing and washing several large canisters is looming as is figuring out how to grind melted glaze off of kiln shelves.  The up side is I get to play with my new angle grinder.  The down side is that I have no idea what I’m doing!  Thankfully, all the different forms of taxes are finally done – thanks in large part to my brilliant mother.  So, I can – and should – focus on pottery again.

Emily signing pots

Emily signing pots

But in the morning, with my coffee and my kitties, I like to read through some of my favorite blogs.  It’s really the only kind of news I care about.  You’ll never find me cuddling up to a newspaper.  Call me oblivious.  This morning, I’m reading Jim’s latest posts on his blog: Sofia’s Dad’s Pots.  He has a very readable style of writing (that my early morning brain can follow, better than Kafka) and his pots are stunning.

OK, I’ve justified my laziness by means of this piddly post.  So, now I’m off to work.