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I am actually quite proud of these.

I have always been an incense freak.  I love it and have it around the house all the time.  I started out with the stick stuff as most people do, and about 10 years ago found resin incense (think frankincense, myrrh, and dragon’s blood) which you burn on a little round piece of charcoal.  You light the charcoal, let it ash over (just like grilling) and then carefully place the resin on top.  The heat from the charcoal releases the scented smoke and fills the whole house.  It’s wonderful!  ***It will drive some pets crazy as they try to figure out where the fire is.***

The problem is, the little charcoal disc gets VERY hot.  If you don’t protect your table, it can damage it.  Over the years, I had gotten around this problem by using a porcelain bowl that I had made in high school with an embarrassingly thick bottom.  It’s a pretty sorry piece of pottery (which is why Robert does the throwing these days), but makes an awesome receptacle for the incense.

Once we started doing this pottery thing full time, I realized that I could say to Robert, “Hey, throw this,” and he could pretty much do it.  I had long wanted something that would better facilitate my resin incense passion.  I also wanted a holder that would catch all the ash from stick incense.  (Those little wooden ones do not work.  Maybe I’m using them incorrectly?)  So I said to Robert, “Make me a bowl with a sticky uppy piece in the middle, and I’ll put some holes in it.”  Literally, that’s what I said.  After less than 30 minutes, he made a prototype incense burner.  That’s how cool he is!

So, we’ve been using these in the house, and I am proud to finally offer them on ETSY for other incense lovers.  These incense burners will hold 4 sticks of incense at a time or a charcoal disc with resin incense.  They catch all the ash, and I only have to clean them when I feel like it.  Since they’re stoneware, you can put them in the dishwasher (top shelf, not clinking against anything else) if you’re lazy like I am.  All in all, they’re pretty neat. 

Safety in Usage:  As you will be playing with fire and charcoal, please be careful.  The incense burners may still get hot and some types of furniture might still get damaged.  Do not leave burning incense unattended. 

A note about the design, the central pillar has 4 holes for stick incense and the bottom is closed.  This means that some ash may fall through the holes and be trapped inside the pillar.  We designed the burner in this fashion intentionally to (1) keep the ash from falling onto your table and (2) provide an air cushion for the heat.  The small amount of ash that falls into the pillar should not alter its function in any way.