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Maybe most of you know this, but…

I thought I was being really clever when I set up a hot wax station.  I used a water bath/double boiler approach where the wax was in a metal pan and it was melted by sitting in a bath of boiling water.  It worked pretty well, but an electric skillet works even better.

I use paraffin wax – from the craft store – and have set the electric skillet at ~250F.  The wax melts in seconds and stays very fluid which I have found is critical to easy waxing.  There’s nothing worse than trying to spread not very molten wax.  The skillet has a lid which keeps nasties out of my wax and is Teflon coated so, when cool, I can lift out the block of wax cleanly if I need to do so. 

Also, don’t try to use some crummy brush for waxing.  Use a good brush.  It will last longer in the wax (they all die eventually) and makes applying wax easier.  It’s a sacrifice.  I currently have 3 brushes dedicated to waxing – all are gold synthetic bristle (Taklon) – a 1 inch flat, a medium round, and a fine liner.  I find the synthetic bristles keep their shape much better and don’t tend to drip wax onto my pots.  Previously, I used boar bristle brushes for waxing, but they disintegrated in no time.

Happy Waxing! 😀