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There’s a lot of industry-specific jargon in pottery, so I’ve decided to start defining stuff at least in these initial posts.  I hope that helps and doesn’t turn out to be annoying!

So, today I made gallons and gallons of Green Leopard, Em’s Persimmon and Ohata Kaki Red.  I was covered in red iron and black iron.  I also made 27 other individual tests as well as 4 small 1L batches for line blends.  For my science friends, a line blend is a serial dilution of one glaze into another.  For the non-lab folk, in a line blend you increase the amount of one glaze while decreasing the proportion of another in a series of mixes.  This is a great technique to use if you want to assess how one or more ingredients in a glaze act in the final melt.  Just because X% of some ingredient should cause some effect or color, doesn’t mean it will in your kiln.

Rob started throwing this morning and realized he has some pretty bad tendonitis in his right wrist.  This is most likely due to wedging(kneading) up reclaimed (trimmings, dead pots) clay.  You’d be surprised at how much clay there is to reclaim.  And it’s not easy.  It has to be over hydrated in water, then the excess water gets sucked out on the plaster slab, then Rob has to wedge it back into nice clay.  He can’t keep wrecking his wrists, so we’ve decided to get a pugmill.  This is a machine that mixes clay for you and pulls out air bubbles that might get trapped.  Apparently, it’s supposed to make the clay into a nice consistency.  Oh, and they’re huge.  Did I mention that they are huge.  I have no idea where we are going to put it.  We are maxed on space! 

And that’s the news for August 6 from Promethean Pottery!