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So, we finally had a day to stop and look around the house.  The conclusion: YUCK!!!  The solution: CLEAN!!!

After 5000 loads of laundry, 200 loads of dishes, and endless hours of vacuuming, we finally have a place to sit down again.  We also decided to overhaul the room in our house where we package pottery for shipping, store all of our pottery for shows, keep the make-shift photo booth and all those other things that don’t have to do with mud.  Lesson #412: Pottery takes up a lot of space and will rule your home.

I now have a dedicated packing table with all the bubble wrap, foam, paper, boxes, and tape I need to send out our stuff to those wonderful people who spend money on us.  Lesson #726: Pottery is fragile – despite being called “stoneware” – and needs a lot of cushioning to be shipped.  These materials also take up a lot of space.  Refer to lesson #412.

All of this just to say, once again, that we are working harder now than we have ever worked in our lives.  It’s not just about throwing pottery on the wheel, glazing, and running the kiln.  There are inventories to be maintained, emails to write, orders to place – and fill – P.O. boxes to check (hmm, add to list for tomorrow), compressors to fix, accounts to maintain, and blogs to write… 😀  When you own your own business you must do everything.  It sounds easy, and in five years I am sure it will be much easier than it is now, but right now we are learning and it’s massive.

I think the key is organization.  I have to set aside a time each day to do all the non-glazing tasks that absolutely must be done to keep this operation moving.  Some days, I do; other days, I don’t.  I learn something new every day about some aspect of business that never would have occurred to me in my past life.  This is the true value of this endeavor.

Other days, your cat is wearing an E-collar and making sure she’s OK pretty much dominates everything.  These days, thankfully, don’t happen too often.